Our telephony devices and appliances, also the SIP Server use this TOS flags to prioritize SIP packages.


DescriptionTOS (Dec)TOS (Hex)TOS (Bin)TOS Precedence (Bin)TOS Precedence (Dec)TOS Precedence NameTOS Delay flagTOS Throughput flagTOS Reliability flagDSCP (Bin)DSCP (Hex)DSCP (Dec)DSCP/PHB Class
Signaling (SIP)960x60011000000113Flash0000110000x1824cs3
Audio (RTP)1840xB8101110001015Critical1101011100x2E46ef
Video (RTP) *1440x90100100001004FlashOverride1001001000x2436af42


* Cause many devices just can set one RTP value, it is recommended to set "96" for signaling and "184" for Audio & Video RTP transmission. This is also the settings we use on our systems.



Grandstream devices

Layer 3 QoS for SIP24DSCP (Dec)
Layer 3 QoS for RTP46DSCP (Dec)




SIP96TOS (Dec)
RTP/Audio184TOS (Dec)
RTP/Video184TOS (Dec)



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