1. On DP750 Base station, press and hold the Radio/Page button for 7 seconds until the Radio icon starts blinking to start Subscription process. 
  2. On DP720, press “Subscribe” softkey if available on the main screen or access Menu 🡪Registration 🡪 Register while the DP750 Radio icon is blinking.
    Note: “Subscribe” softkey appears only if DP720 is not registered to any DP750 base station.
  3. Select BaseX (X=1-4) corresponding to the desired base station DP750, then press Subscribe.
  4. The DP720 will search for nearby base stations and will display the RFPI code and Base station name of the discovered DP750.
  5. Press Subscribe to pair with the displayed DP750.
  6. The DP720 will display Easy Pairing on the LCD and play an audible buzz when successful. Then it will return to the home screen, displaying the handset name and number assigned by the registered base station.

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