This is our standard SIP trunk header configuration.

Inbound SIP Header


Inbound User-Provided Number

P-Preferred-Identity (PPI) or FROM Header
Inbound User-Provided Redirecting NumberForwarder's NPN / Received Diversion

Beware: Inbound means the direction from your SIP client to our SIP server.

Outbound SIP Header

Outbound From-Username FieldUPN (User-Provided-Number)
Outbound From-Display FieldReceived Display-Name
Outbound PAI-Username FieldUPRN (if set) or NPN
Outbound PPI-Username FieldNPN (Network-Provided-Number)
Outbound Diversion HeaderUPRN (User-Provided-Redirection-Number)
Outbound History-Info FieldUPRN (User-Provided-Redirection-Number)
Outbound To-Username FieldCalled user

Beware: Outbound means the direction from our SIP server to your SIP client.

Other Values

Use valid Alias CLI as NPNyes
Incoming Dialed Number MatchingExtended matching, send dialed number with extension
Add user=phone to calling numberno
Add user=phone to calling numberno
Skip UPN check on Diversionyes (If user in received Diversion or History-Info is in callers's alias list)
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